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Each point of the lattice represents one possible mode of equilibrium cavity radiation. The space density of points in this lattice is unity, so the number of points in any volume is equal to that volume.

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Beware that the dimensionless sr in the denominator is dropped by many authors. The latter equation is the familiar form of Wien's Law used by optical astronomers, whose spectrometers measure wavelengths instead of frequencies. A resistor is any electrical device that absorbs all of the electrical power applied to it; it is the "black body" of electric circuits. The frequency spectrum of the noise power depends only on the resistor temperature and is independent of the resistor material.

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Also, the electrical noise generated is indistinguishable from the noise coming from an antenna observing a blackbody radiator. The gain of a radio receiver can be calibrated by connecting it alternately to hot and cold resistors called "loads" having known temperatures, and the amount of noise generated in a receiver can be described by the "receiver temperature", the temperature of a resistor at the input of an imaginary noiseless receiver having the same gain that would generate the same noise power output.

We assume that the transmission line has a characteristic impedance equal to the resistance of the resistors so that power is efficiently coupled between them.

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