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Hagin shows that the New Birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit are two separate and distinct works of the Spirit of God. Add to Cart. Description Details What is the purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit? Do believers who are not Spirit-filled have the Holy Spirit? Hagin answers these questions and others. He clearly shows that the work of the Holy Spirit does not end when a person is baptized into Christ, or born again.

Another experience awaits the believer to bring him into a deeper dimension spiritually. That experience is the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Hagin shows from the Bible that the New Birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit are two separate and distinct works of the Spirit of God. Sid ; she thus confirms that the plant she found is indeed the 6th spirit. Sid shows Aki a diary he wrote when he was her age, and after she has read it, he burns it, stating that their ideas are unpopular among men. Later, after waking up from another Phantom dream, Aki is drawn into a debate on whether to use the Zeus Cannon , a weapon that was designed to destroy the Phantoms.

Sid argues against the use of the cannon, saying that the cannon would destroy " Gaia , the spirit of the planet".

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General Hein, leader of the armed forces, mocks this concept and asks for proof. Aki then shows him proof by revealing that she has been infected by the Phantoms, yet still remains alive. If she acts in any way abnormal, she is to be arrested. Ross, accompanied by the rest of the squad, then leaves the barrier city for the Tucson Wasteland, where she hopes to find the seventh spirit. After dropping energy buoys to distract the Phantoms, they descend and attempt to locate and retrieve the spirit. After a while, they find it - it is contained in the living tissues inside the backpack of a dead soldier; the organic matter within the pack had kept the spirit intact.

After retrieving it, they discover that they are surrounded by Phantoms, who, apparently, have been attracted to the one located inside Dr. The squad is picked up, but the General's soldiers try to apprehend Dr. One is killed by a Phantom, and the team narrowly escapes. General Hein, meanwhile, is desperate to gain clearance to fire the Zeus Cannon. He arrests the operators of New York's barrier and lowers the shields in a section of the city.

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Hein's plan is to sacrifice a small part of the population in order to convince the government that the Phantoms can breach the shields, allowing him to take necessary steps. His plan backfires, as the Phantoms are able to use plasma conduits to travel through the rest of the city.

Aki and only a handful of her crew survive the resulting attack. Subsequently, Hein is floating in space, about to commit suicide, when a transmission comes in, saying that following the disaster, he is now authorized to use the Zeus cannon. Aki and Dr. Sid devise a plan to destroy the Phantoms at their heart, the Phantom crater.

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The plan involves Aki and Gray being lowered into the crater inside a bio-etheric shield vehicle, and finding and removing the eighth spirit, which is a Phantom. The pair have just located the Phantom when suddenly a beam from the Zeus station crashes into the crater, killing the Phantoms on the surface, including the eighth spirit.

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The beam leaves the vehicle shield-less and exposed to the Phantoms, which now cover the crater in response to the attack. Gray leaves the vehicle to protect Aki from the Phantoms.

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Meanwhile, Aki has her final vision in which a Phantom tells her that the spirit within her is in fact the 8th spirit. When Aki wakes up, she calls Gray in to use his energy pack battery to project the completed wave pattern of the eight spirits. As the projection begins, another Zeus beam penetrates the atmosphere, completely obliterating the bio-etheric shield vehicle, and triggering a massive reaction from the Phantom world's spirit, which resides in the crater. This attack, however, overloads the Zeus cannon, destroying it and killing General Hein.

With the vehicle destroyed, Gray sacrifices his own life to distribute Aki's wave, using his body to transmit it directly to the Phantom world spirit. The Phantoms transform into bright, floating orbs which return to space to transcend to the afterlife as they should have done when their world was destroyed, and the end scene is of Aki holding Gray's body and looking into the newly liberated world.

The movie's working title was simply "Gaia".