Un dernier roman pour la route (French Edition)

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The Road of Salvation casts an in-depth and sincere light upon political commitment and faith, on military virtues and their limits, and on the rise of nationalism in recent European history. A man is investigating what has happened to a woman, the mother of his young child, whom he once loved passionately. As the novel begins, he has just received a phone-call informing him that she has been found dead, naked, on a beach, presumably drowned, in a faraway country somewhere in the gulf. She was an artist, and her name was Paz.

She was solar, incredibly gifted… and suffocating in old Europe. From the treasures of old Europe to the megalopolises of the new world, the marble of museums to the sand of sensuous banks where one is cleansed of all, Plonger explores the itinerary of a heroine of our times, in quest of liberty, meaning, and purity in an increasingly stifling world. Journalist and writer, Christophe Ono-dit-Biot was born in Jan , pages.

An Unassuming Man: Stanley North teaches philosophy at a well-endowed university. As a widower, he leads a sad and solitary life. But one morning, he is picked up by the police, who accuse him of having downloaded images from a pedophile site on his computer. Everyone remembers a word, a gesture, transformed into proof of the charges in light of the terrible accusation. Even the innocent photo of his niece taken at the beach, found in his library, leads to dreadful suppositions. And the awful chain of events has only just been set in motion This first novel is brilliantly written, the author knows how to perfectly plot successive developments that lead the hero to his fall.

Alexandre Postel meticulously describes the farce of social conventions, the affable masks that hide power, jealousy, and the desire to harm. Palladium by Boris Razon Stock , nominated for the three Goncourt awards. August , pages. Late Middle English word derived via Latin from the Greek palladion , denoting an image of the goddess Pallas Athene , on which the safety of Troy was believed to depend. The story of a man who, in the space of a few days and for no obvious reason, ends up paralysed from head to toe, unable to move a single muscle, robbed of all his senses and any means of communication with the outside world.

Then began a journey through the furthest reaches of human existence, territories ruled over by fear, violence, death, pain and sex… because illness is like stepping through the looking glass, a gateway to other worlds, a place of prostitutes and demons, of men living like vegetables with bodies like birds, of nurses and firework makers thrown together in a whirlwind of hate and debauchery.

A manic, terrifying world: my world. Palladium is my account of this crossing, an expedition to the land of the dead and through the subconscious. Palladium delves into the very roots of pain and literature, to a place where our life force itself is huddled alongside the myriad different stories it has to tell. Boris Razon is He studied history before embarking on a career in journalism. He was editor of monde. A plea for posterity. The confrontation between politicians and writers has been a feature of Chinese civilization since time immemorial; above and beyond revolutions and regime changes, it grants depth and mystery to Chinese culture.

A young academic writer who is close to the powers-that-be, the narrator took part in this reform, and he tells his tale. He now lives a solitary life, besieged by his dream of being rediscovered and recognized as a secretive but extraordinary player in the Cultural Revolution, a period that even now, Chinese historiography tends to avoid. He currently devotes his time to writing fiction, philosophy, translation. In San Francisco, Richard B. Her father, Kaze, who lives in Japan, has left without a trace and she would like Richard B.

How can one disappear so easily? And for what reason? Out of love for Yukiko, Richard B. From the poor working-class neighbourhood of San'ya, Tokyo to the refugee and work camps around Sendai, we follow four parallel stories, that of Richard B. It evokes modern Japan, Fukushima and the Yakuzas, but also the mystery that we may represent for one another, the experience of heartbreak and our wish, at times, to take flight.

The story takes place during the s in Marsovie, at the borders of Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. The novel tells the tale of two friends, Alexandre de Rocoule, proprietor of the luxurious Hotel Arden , and Salomon Lengyel, a serious and solitary Jewish tailor.

They share a common passion: operetta. Since , they have co-authored a surprising number of three-act plays, none of which have been completed, because they never seem to agree on the final scene.


While they work indefatigably, the Nazi beast is rumbling across Europe and lurks around Marsovie… The persecution of the Jews begins. The two friends will have the occasion to compose their last work of art…. In this amusing and sensual first novel, the scenes play out in a profusion of stunning images with comic or touching detail, while the bloody libretto of ongoing events in Central Europe of is scarcely lacking in tumultuous developments. Skip to main content.